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Official Release is Tomorrow!
by Rook Sample
Rook Sample
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Official Release is Tomorrow!

Welcome to the first official release for Evolisca, a full RPG experience where everything you gain/lose directly impacts your character strength! Evolisca Promised and proofed to the community that we the development team cares about the game, daily fixes and updates and discussions on every feedback or suggestion by any player enjoying our server, 2 years of development finally getting to the light. Evolisca features multiple systems to improve the game's quality and hunting experience, many quality of life improvements were made during beta thanks to our awesome community we could improve much more than expected and maintain the server at a stable state since the first week in beta.

It is never late to join us, Wiki & friendly community makes it easier to progress and enjoy your time!

Ps: Re-download of the client is necessary to prevent issues as we made multiple changes in the BETA version client, make sure you are using the official release one (Contains auto-updater)

07.03.24 13:02:17
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on 07.03.24 13:09:24

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